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illumineX ships EyeSpy 2.2.4 — Googly Eyes for macOS!

EyeSpy 2.2.4 was released today at the Apple App Store for Mac. This release includes a bit of polish to the drifting balloon #GooglyEyes character, Squeaky.  What's New in EyeSpy 2.2.4 • Corrects issues related to switching characters by normalizing the on-disk saved User Defaults for EyeSpy (which had accumulated cruft from old character IAP data) • Corrects information in the IAP bundles for the balloon and pending zombie ArtPaX which fixes some character selection issues • Fixes a bug with the balloon character which caused it to perform a “slide home” animation and sound effect when resizing the balloon • Improves robustness of IAP system • Fixes a bug which reset the user’s preferred “home” location if the ballon character was selected with hot keys (Command-Right-Arrow) • Fixes a bug which led to the ballon occasionally not drifting when “Who let the dogs out?” was selected Did you know?  When EyeSpy is the in-focus app (CMD-Tab to switch to EyeSpy fro

GamePaX for macOS updated (BabelBloX, RuniX, HoppiX, and HextriX)

We released updates to EyeSpy and the  first four games of our Infinity GamePaX series (BabelBloX, HextriX, HoppiX, and RuniX) this week. Also this week, EyeSpy had twice as many downloads in Japan as in the USA.  I have no idea why, because this week isn’t any different than any other week, but I’ve been predicting since we came up with the idea that EyeSpy should be Big in Japan™. I guess Japan has noticed!  So I googled up the most popular hashtag in Japanese and sent a Tweet for Japan! It supposedly means “love” but since I don’t speak the language there’s a non-zero chance it’s rather naughtier. EyeSpy is Big in Japan (illumineX Tweet)
We've updated our macOS games BabelBloX, RuniX, HextriX, and HoppiX this week, as well as the #GooglyEyes toy EyeSpy. These update improve the stability and performance of the apps on macOS High Sierra. A bug or two have been fixed in EyeSpy which prevented the In-App Purchase system from working correctly for some people. In addition, a bug which sometimes caused a crash when switching to a new EyeSpy character has been fixed. Enjoy!