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SEOjargonFile (an opinionated SEO glossary)

illumineX has been working on a little project with SEOtipster that's more fun than it seem like it would be: an online glossary of terms related to Search Engine Optimization. We've been involved in SEO as part of our projects since before illumineX was founded in 1998.  Basic design and functionality of the website are more-or-less feature complete. We might tweak a few little things over the next few days. The site provides three interfaces to the glossary: • A random vocabulary word picker (on the main page); • An SEO glossary search field; and • An SEO Glossary index browser with a super fun filter by key letter. If you happen to have a blog, and if you're amused by one of the definitions (maybe hivemind, or maybe The Index ) it would be really truly extremely awesome if you wrote a quick blog post and linked to the site at either the top level or directly to the full definition page. SEO Jargon File — an opinionated SEO glossary Feel free to