Tuesday, March 8, 2011

iBlogger II - Golden Master Seed

iBlogger II Golden Master Seed is ready!  Wanna sneak peak?

iBlogger II Golden Master Seed is ready! Wanna sneak peak?

iBlogger 2 has reached Golden Master and will enter the final round of beta testing, tonight! It brings several of the most requested features, and provides the most advanced mobile photo blogging on any platform - only for iOS 4.3 on iPhone and iPod Touch

iBlogger 2 features

  • Photo services hosting with Google Picasa, compatible with any blog. Take photos with iPhone camera. Store and select photos from Picasa or iPhone library for display on your blog.

  • Picture posting at Google Blogspot (aka "Blogger"), using Picasa.

  • iBlogger's emitted HTML is now XHTML1.0 compliant.

  • iBlogger's HTML can be fully styled with CSS, now. Example stylesheet provided.

  • iBlogger now handles images at full native resolution of iPhone cameras.

  • Image thumbnails, scaled via CSS.

  • Lightbox compatibility, built in.

  • Easy and fancy display of image captions.

  • More!

Get your free Google Picasa account, to post photos at your Blogspot blog, with iBlogger 2.

We have room for a few more beta testers!

If you're interested in advanced photo blogging, and have time to try the iBlogger 2 beta with your blog in the next few days and send us feedback, then please email us: iblogger@illumineX.com

iOS 4.3 will be required to run this version of iBlogger.

iBlogger: mobile photo blogging for iPhone by illumineX

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