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iBlogger 2.0.2 - Verizon iPhone

IBlogger 2.0.2 runs on iOS 4.1 and higher, and runs great on the Verizon iPhone. iBlogger 2.0.2 has been submitted to the App Store. it will be available for update or download once approved, which normally happens within 3 to 14 days. What's new? Performance and stability enhancements so it can run on older systems including iOS 4.1 and higher (the initial release of iBlogger 2.0.1 was limited to iOS 4.3 and higher). Now runs on Verizon iPhone. [Posted with iBlogger from my iPhone]

iBlogger 2.0.1 is available now!

iBlogger 2. See something cool. Blog it. (Doorway in Pittsburgh, a very cool city.) iBlogger 2.0.1 is available now, on the App Store! iBlogger 2 brings the most requested features, raising the bar for mobile blogging. Picture posting at Google Blogspot/Blogger, via Picasa Picasa integration, with any type of blog image captions full size image handling, for pictures from any camera full styling of all HTML elements via CSS Lightbox integration for fancy display of full size images image thumbnails To celebrate the new release, iBlogger is on sale at 50% off! iBlogger 2 is snappy on iOS 4.3. [Posted with iBlogger from my iPhone]

iBlogger CSS, Picasa and more!

Firetruck in Missoula, Montana iBlogger 2 is so hot, it set the neighborhood on fire, during testing! With image captions, Picasa integration, support for fancy display of full sized images with Lightbox, and full styling with CSS, you'll love the new iBlogger. Runs cool on iPhone and iPod Touch. Mobile Blogging from here . [geo_mashup_save_location lat="46.8731" lng="-113.9962" ] [Posted with iBlogger from my iPhone]

iBlogger 2.0.1 submitted to App Store

Images should have captions. iBlogger makes it easy for you to caption any image you post to your blog. If you like, you can tinker with your CSS to make your captions look any way you like. iBlogger 2 was submitted to the App Store a few days ago! It will be available as a free update to current users of iBlogger. iBlogger 2 raises the bar, bringing advanced new features to iPhone and iPod Touch bloggers everywhere. With Picasa integration, you can post with pictures at Google's Blogspot / Blogger! Lightbox integration makes it easy to display full size images taken with any iPhone, iPod, or any camera at all. Images should have captions, so iBlogger let's you easily add captions to any image you post, just like this post. iBlogger posts can be fully styled with CSS now. You can look at the CSS for this blog to see example CSS styles. iBlogger emits XHTML 1.0 compliant HTML now, too, so your blog pages will load faster in modern web browsers and on mobile devices. iBlogger

iBlogger II - Golden Master Seed

iBlogger II Golden Master Seed is ready! Wanna sneak peak? iBlogger 2 has reached Golden Master and will enter the final round of beta testing, tonight! It brings several of the most requested features, and provides the most advanced mobile photo blogging on any platform - only for iOS 4.3 on iPhone and iPod Touch iBlogger 2 features Photo services hosting with Google Picasa, compatible with any blog. Take photos with iPhone camera. Store and select photos from Picasa or iPhone library for display on your blog. Picture posting at Google Blogspot (aka "Blogger"), using Picasa. iBlogger's emitted HTML is now XHTML1.0 compliant. iBlogger's HTML can be fully styled with CSS, now. Example stylesheet provided. iBlogger now handles images at full native resolution of iPhone cameras. Image thumbnails, scaled via CSS. Lightbox compatibility, built in. Easy and fancy display of image captions. More! Get your free Google Picasa account, to post photos at your Blogspot blo