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ecto 3.0.2 released

ecto 3.0.2 was released today via the built in software updater. The ecto 3.0.2 release includes the following fixes: updated Amazon plugin updated Flickr plugin include Atom03 plugin by default (mostly for older Japanese blog systems) fixed a URL redirect handling bug minor documentation updates (link to correct location for support forum, etc.) the ecto updater now uses a different XML feed to update the software based on the operating system version, separating Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) from later versions, (Leopard and higher) (NOTE: At the moment, if you Check for Updates, the "Download Only" option isn't working quite as expected, which appears to be due to an issue on our server. The disk image downloads, but an error page for "file not found" also opens in your browser. The "Download and Install" option works as expected to update ecto to 3.0.2.) Mac OS X Tiger users PLEASE NOTE: In order to improve ecto stability on Sn