Monday, March 29, 2010

iBlogger II - photo blogging mania

iBlogger:  incredible photo blogging, for iPhone

iBlogger: incredible photo blogging, for iPhone

iBlogger 2 will enter beta testing this week. It brings several of the most requested features, and provides the most advanced mobile photo blogging on any platform - only for iPhone.

• Photo services hosting with Google Picasa, compatible with any blog. Take photos with iPhone camera. Store and select photos from Picasa or iPhone library for display on your blog.
• Picture posting at Google Blogspot (aka "Blogger"), using Picasa.
• iBlogger's emitted HTML is now XHTML1.0 compliant.
• iBlogger's HTML can be fully styled with CSS, now. Example stylesheet provided.
• iBlogger now handles images at full native resolution of iPhone cameras.
• Image thumbnails, scaled via CSS.
• Lightbox compatibility, built in.
• Easy and fancy display of image captions.
• More!

Get your free Google Picasa account, to post photos at your Blogspot blog, with iBlogger 2.

iBlogger: mobile photo blogging for iPhone by illumineX


  1. Easter Pooka is a beautiful cat!

    Posting this announcement to a Google Blogspot/Blogger hosted blog, using iBlogger 2, was a lot of fun. This is a screen shot captured from the iPhone during an iBlogger 2 session, and posted with a caption, all from within iBlogger.

  2. When will be the release of iBlogger 2?

  3. What's the status of iBlogger 2? Can I position images in the blog via wysiwyg or do I need to do so with HTML?

  4. any news on iBlogger II? :P

  5. How do I become one of the beta testers?

  6. How is iBlogger II beta test going? Everyone is longing for a blogging tool compatible with image uploading to a blog!

  7. iBlogger 2 is available on the App Store, now!